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Yogi Amulets : Carved Jewelry

Yoga Jewelry

Is it the start of a new age, or are we returning to the ancient?

These yoga amulets bring your inner self to peace at the surface of your yogi body on a necklace or whatever you choose.  Unique and handcrafted with ancient yogis words in balinese ancient hindi script. Even if you aren't a yoga fanatic, or even into yoga fashion, the finely sculpted yet fun and funky artisan gypsy hipster styles are aesthetic and graceful, inscribed on one side with yogic energetic words written in stunning ancient balinese script. Great for women or mens jewelry, or even as an addition to your keychain to remind you and show others your soulfulness.

Preciously sculpted amulets engraved with yogic concepts in the unique language of the Island of the Gods, Bali, the new yoga center of Asia.

These amulets can be used as artful beads for other creations or worn on a simple cord as a pendant or charm for a necklace.