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Brown Wood Earrings

* by purchasing Western Bohemian's wood earrings you are supporting traditional craftsmen and their cultures.

...enjoy your exotic nature

Brown Jewelry : Earrings sold as pairs. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $

Brown Wood Earrings | Western Bohemian

Handmade Wood Earrings

 Beautiful, unique wood earrings, carefully handmade, created with rich natural and organic wood, selected by hand. Western Bohemian & GARUDA have been working with traditional artists for over a decade to create these amazing wearable works of wood art. We start with the careful selection of the wood, create the design, and carve each pair of earrings by hand, one at a time, then sand, smooth and buff to a shine. The smooth finish and careful attention to detail make every pair of these unique wood earrings something you will admire and love to wear. We hope you enjoy the amazing craftsmanship and range of styles, colors and designs: Western Bohemian and GARUDA natural jewelry.  Our wood jewelry is handcrafted by craftspeople whose family tradition has been carving for hundreds of years. Fair-trade. Organic : Natural exotic wood jewelry

 Our exotic tropical wood is sustainably harvested or recycled. Western Bohemian's carved wood jewelry is created by traditional artisans with pride. Carved in select wood, this organic jewelry shows the rich colors of the natural wood.

How to put wood post earrings on:

Gently hold the wood earring around your earlobe. Get the post of the  earrings started so it is through both the front of the earring and into the opening of your piercing. Twist the post and gently and insert it through your piercing and the back of the earring, maybe wiggling the post slightly until it finds its way through. Make the post feel snug, but not to tight. Please don't try to force them, you could hurt yourself or break your earrings. The posts should be snug, but not jammed in. Be gentle.

 Wood:  tribal earrings - organic earrings - gauged earrings - wood faux gauges - wood jewelry - wood pendants -  carved earrings | Fair-trade. Hand-carved by traditional artisans whose family has been carving for hundreds of years. Organic and morally sourced. For complete detailed information, please see: materials and care

Handmade, natural & organic…

These handcarved natural earrings fit in normal pierced ears that don't require any special sizes, similar to our Faux Gauges, the look like organic body jewelry or gauged earrings because of the aesthetic of the materials and design.

Fair-Trade Wood Jewelry

All of our organic jewelry and earrings are Fair-Trade, handmade by highly skilled traditional artisans from only Earth-Friendly natural and organic materials. All our Materials are responsibly harvested. We work directly with the craftspeople to ensure the utmost in quality and satisfaction.* By purchasing this product you are supporting traditional arts and culture, helping the craftsmen and their families to improve the quality of life.

Materials: Sources and Harvesting Practices  

SONO WOOD : Earrings

Varieties: Sonokeling, Sonokembang

LATIN NAME: Pterocarpus Indicus.

ORIGIN: Indonesia, East Jawa (Java), Blitar regency

HARVESTING PRACTICE: The source we use for our jewelry offers Plantation Grown Sono, though it can be wild harvested under government control. Tree must have minimum diameter of 30 cm before cutting, the trees are replanted in the wild harvest setting

OTHER DETAILS: This tropical wood has a beautiful color variance from a deep brown to golden brown highlights, and is still abundant and responsibly grown and harvested. The variety we use is Sonokeling.




ORIGIN: Indonesia, West Bali, Northern Tabanan Regency

HARVESTING PRACTICE: the source we use offers Plantation Grown Waru. The trees re-sprout freely from the stump after cutting.


LATIN NAME: Diospyros Celebica. 

ORIGIN: Indonesia.


OTHER DETAILS:  At this time our source of recycled Ebony is finished, and we do not have any ebony, sorry... Ebony wood is in danger! All the ebony wood for our earrings is recycled, and much of it is made from the remnants of altars, carvings and antique furniture. 


LATIN NAME: Diospyros Confertiflora 

ORIGIN: Indonesia, East Jawa (Java), Pulau Madura. Also Sumba.

HARVESTING PRACTICE: wild harvested.

OTHER DETAILS: This beautiful tropical wood is naturaly black in color, heavy, very similar to ebony is color and feel.


OTHER  NAMES: Panggal Buaya (Spine / scale of Crocodile)

 LATIN NAME: Zanthoxylum Rhetsa.

ORIGIN: Indonesia, Bali, Tabanan Regency, Selemadeg district.

HARVESTING PRACTICE: Can be grown in a Plantation or “Wild Garden”.  The Wild Garden is an area of land behind where the people in the village live, many trees, fruits and plants are grown there. Essentially it is a kind of family farm, half wild, that is shared by the community. A permit must be acquired and the community must agree before the wood is cut.

OTHER DETAILS: Native to lowlands from India to the Philippines, crocodile wood is almost ivory in color, and is sometimes referred to as “the ivory of woods” because of its smooth finish and color.



ORIGIN: Indonesia, Bali, Payangan Village.


OTHER DETAILS: This wood has a natural fleshy tone that varies from a light skin color to red peach.

Our Source: The Sabo Wood we use comes from "wild garden" on land of the Family of one of our Master Carvers. By chance, they have the trees growing there and they cut it themselves for our use and to help the family.




LATIN NAME: Cocos Nucifera

ORIGIN: Indonesia, Bali

HARVESTING PRACTICE: the coconut shell is a byproduct of the harvesting of coconut for food and oil. the wood is plantation grown,home grown, or from "wild farms" in the village.

OTHER DETAILS: Recycled. Coconut is one of the staple foods and main exports of Indonesia, and grows in great abundance. In effort to utilize all parts of this plant, the shell is also used to create art, earrings, and cookware.

Our Source: The coconut shell and wood we use comes from the people around the village who have it left as a byproduct of food source.

 About the coconut jewelry: The coconut needs to be conditioned as we suggest in the beginning of this page.  This will help to maintain the color and integrity of the material, and may deepen the color slightly.


This fine organic jewelry is made out of natural, biodegradable materials and should be treated with care and respect.

Due to its organic nature, our wood jewelry should only be used in well healed piercings. Wood earrings and organic jewelry care:


- clean occasionally, as needed, with a mild soap and water.

- dry thoroughly. condition your jewelry lightly with jojoba oil or another natural oil. - do not soak in anything, do not boil or autoclave.

storage: store in a cool, dry place. (such as your dresser top or jewelry box.)- do not leave for extended time in your car, sunny window, or other hot or sunny place. - do not leave your organic jewelry in a place where it may become wet. (such as on your bathroom sink or in the shower.)

other notes:  Our earrings with organic posts fit comfortably in normal pierced ears and are 99.9% hypo allergenic. If your ears are recently pierced or very sensitive, you may experience slight discomfort. We recommend oiling the post slightly before you put them in your ear the first time with jojoba oil or a similar gentle and natural oil to help alleviate any discomfort.

Ear piercing in culture

The piercing of the ears is a time honored tribal tradition practiced by many cultures across the globe for centuries. Lobe stretching is practiced by many people, including Animists, Buddhists, Hindu, Atheists and other cultures and social groups all over the World. This cultural practice has spread around the planet, and the people who participate in it have held ear piercing and lobe stretching in ritual regard and as a rite of passage, mark of knowledge & method of beautification. In every human populated continent there is an indigenous or modern community of people  and groups of individuals who practice piercing of the ears.

Feel Good About Your Jewelry!

* By purchasing Western Bohemian organic jewelry & tribal earrings you are supporting traditional crafts, and the families that make them. All of our Organic Jewelry is hand carved, one piece at a time.  Western Bohemian strives to provide quality, unique, handmade natural jewelry to satisfy the soul and beyond... Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families and is a choice to purchase a product produced in an environmentally responsible way. Our adornments are handmade by traditional people of organic materials. Our wood is responsibly harvested and we support traditional craft and culture, while improving the quality of lives and providing jobs where there may otherwise be none. We work directly with the craftspeople to create our original designs in organic jewelry, and also include some traditional favorites. We stand behind the quality of our product and the aesthetic of its design. If our product fails you in any way, we will do what it takes to make it right.

We take great pride in the quality our carved jewelry, organic jewelry, tribal earrings and wood jewelry. please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it better.

Kind Regards,

Western Bohemian & GARUDA : organic jewelry and wood earrings


Handmade, fair trade and SEXY... 

Western Bohemian Wood Earrings

...enjoy your exotic nature...