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Horn Earrings

Tribal Horn Earrings | Western Bohemian organic earrings

All of our horn earrings and organic jewelry are Fair-Trade, hand carved by highly skilled traditional carvers from natural and organic materials. All our Materials are responsibly harvested. We work directly with the artists to ensure the best in quality and satisfaction. Finely hand carved in organic water buffalo horn, these simple and bold natural black earrings speak to the soul.

Western Bohemian : Horn Earrings

Carved Horn Earrings | Western Bohemian

*By purchasing these horn earrings you are supporting traditional arts and culture, helping the craftsmen and their families to improve the quality of their lives.

What's the best way to put the horn earrings on? 

Gently hold the horn earring around your ear lobe. Get the post of the earrings started so it is through both the front of the earring and into the opening of your ear piercing. Twist the post and gently and insert it through your piercing and the back of the earrings, maybe wiggling the post slightly until it finds its way through. Make the post feel snug, but not to tight. Please don't try to force them.The posts should be snug, but not jammed in. Be gentle.

Western Bohemian : Carved jewelry

Fair-trade. Hand-carved by traditional artisans whose family has been carving for hundreds of years. Organic and morally sourced. For complete detailed information, please see: materials and care


The piercing and stretching of the ears is a time honored tribal tradition practiced by many cultures across the globe for centuries. Ear Piercing is practiced by many people, including Animists, Buddhists, and other Indigenous cultures all over the world. This cultural practice has spread around the planet, and the people who participate in it have held ear piercing and lobe stretching in ritual regard and as a rite of passage, mark of knowledge & method of beautification. In every human populated continent there has been in the past or is currently an indigenous community of people who use this form of adornment, including you.

About your horn earrings and jewelry

LATIN NAME: bubalus bubalis.
ORIGIN: South-East Asia
HARVESTING PRACTICE: The horn we use is left from of food production and farming practice.
OTHER DETAILS: Recycled. The water buffalo of South East Asia is a domesticated animal. It is used to plow fields and carry heavy loads. They are well treated and important to the survival of the native people. When they are too old to work, they are eaten and all part of the animal are utilized. These Buffalo are never taken only in pursuit of the bones and horns.

Horn is very much like your hair or fingernails in nature, and requires care. The horn needs to be conditioned, and should be oiled to protect it. This will maintain the color and preserve the smooth surface. You should clean the horn earrings as needed with a very mild soap, dry them well, and condition them with jojoba oil or another organic jewelry care product.
Please don't store them in direct sun, damp or wet places, or places that are extremely hot.