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Bone Jewelry

Hand-carved Bone Jewelry by Western Bohemian | Organic water buffalo bone carved by traditional families whom have been carving bone jewelry for centuries.  Organic, hand carved and natural. Use the tabs above to navigate to more specific categories of bone jewelry.

Western Bohemian | Bone Jewelry

Carved Bone Jewelry by Western Bohemian Natural Jewelry

Fair-trade. Hand-carved bone jewelry made by traditional craftsmen in the exotic indonesian archipelago whose family tradition has been carving for centuries. Organic and morally sourced bone: 

LATIN NAME: bubalus bubalis.
ORIGIN: South-East Asia
HARVESTING PRACTICE: The bone and horn we use is recycled from food production and farming practice. The water buffalo of South East Asia is a domesticated animal. It is used to plow fields and carry loads. They are well treated and important to the survival of the native people. When they are too old to work, they are eaten and all part of the animal are utilized for making tools, jewelry, leather, and many other daily items. 

Care of your bone jewelry

The bone jewelry should be cleaned from time to time with a mild soap and water, rinsed thoroughly and dried well. The bone does not need to be conditioned, but may be oiled to protect your bone earrings on occasion. Too much oiling will cause the color to deepen into an oily semi translucent yellowish ivory like tone. This may also happen due to the natural oils of your skin absorbing into the material if you wear it daily for many years. If they become too dark, you can whiten them a little bit by soaking in peroxide mixed with baking soda, then thoroughly rinse and dry your bone jewelry.